Custom Labels - Small (Spice) Size


These labels are made to order... they are the perfect size for our spice jars, 110ml and 200ml.

Our durable vinyl labels will add to the functionality and aesthetic of your pantry!

We make these to order so please follow these instructions carefully...

1. Choose either black or white.

2. Choose your font - check out each of the images!

3. Select the size of your bundle.

4. Make your list in 'notes' on your mobile device or a word doc on your computer. Make sure to leave THREE spaces between each label PLEASE NO FULLSTOPS or COMMAS.  (eg. Cardamom  Chilli Flakes   Coriander) 

5. Please make sure you are listing the correct number of labels that you have chosen, e.g. if you’ve selected 12 but written 20 in the box, only the first 12 will be printed. 

6. Copy the list into the text box below.  You can review your list in the cart, before you purchase.



What you type is what will be printed, so please double check spelling and capitals before you send it through. We do not alter any of the text received.

Your labels are custom, hand made and take up to two weeks to format/create. Once printed we can’t refund or change labels.

Labels are case sensitive. Please don’t write in capitals unless that’s how you want them to be printed. 

Also note that changes can not be made to your labels after you have ordered them so please choose your font and colour carefully.

Labels are not dishwasher safe. Handwashing is recommended, only when necessary.

The sizing provided below is a rough guide. Word lengths will differ due to the font and words chosen. This is because each letter is a different width.

Approx sizes: Height

Coco - 0.8cm

Jax - 1.0cm

Bloom - 1.8cm

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