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Custom Kitchen Pantry Labels

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Bundle Size:

These labels are the perfect size for our standard sized jars & containers. 

Our durable vinyl labels will add to the functionality and aesthetic of your home!

As these are custom, please follow these instructions carefully...

1. Choose black or white

2. Choose your font - check out each of the images!

3. Select the size of your bundle. The bigger the bundle, the more you will save. 
For example:
If you are ordering 43 labels, you would select 1 x 40 bundle of labels + 3 x 1 individual label.

4. Make sure you type each label on a new line, by pressing enter after each word -
For example:
Brown Sugar
Caster Sugar  
Icing Sugar   
Raw Sugar  
White Sugar  

5. 1 x Custom Label can equal up to three words (anymore than this won't be printed)
For example:
Self-Raising Flour

6. Please list the correct number of labels that you have selected (anymore than this won't be printed and any less will only be what's printed)
For example:
If you’ve selected the bundle of 5 but written out 10, only the first 5 will be printed.


If you've selected a bundle of 5 but only written down 1 (but wanted 5 of the same label), only 1 will be printed.
For example:
Incorrect way: Nuts or Nuts x 5
Correct way: 

7. Copy the list into the text box below.  You can review your list in the cart, before you purchase. If you have any issues with this step, please email us - orders@simplifymyhome.co.nz



- Vinyl labels are die-cut to shape and are applied by hand, without a transparent background.

- Check for spelling and capital letters (what you type will be printed).

- These may take up to 14 business day for you to receive.

- All product ordered with custom labels will be dispatched in the same shipment as the completed labels.

- Once printed we can't change or refund labels (please choose carefully).

- Labels are not dishwasher safe. Handwashing is recommended, only when necessary.

- Symbols & macrons aren't supported in our software. Please email us if there's something in particular that you're after.

- Make sure to measure your space accurately before purchasing these labels, as you won't be able to return them.

- Instructions on how to apply your labels will be sent with your order. Please make sure to read these carefully before starting.

- Our vinyl labels adhere to most smooth surfaces such as glass, plastic, mirrors, walls, tiles and treated wood. They do not stick to untreated wood, fabric, uneven or rough surfaces. If you're unsure about the surface you're wanting to apply these to, please email us. 

- If you've had one of our previous fonts in the past and it's no longer available, please also email us. 

- Labels are easily removable but not reusable. Best way to remove them is either by warm, soapy water or alternatively running a warm hair dryer over them to peel them off with ease.


Approx sizes: Height

Jax - 2.0 cm

Bloom - 2.3cm

(The sizing provided above is a rough guide only. We aren't able to estimate word lengths, as each letter is a different width and this differs due to the font and words chosen).

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