Tapping into the Hidden Wealth in Your Home: Understanding the Value of Unused Items

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Today, let's explore the wealth hidden in the unused items that we've accumulated in our homes.

A 2019 survey by Trade Me revealed a startling fact: the average New Zealander holds approximately $1,200 worth of unused items in their homes. Across the country, an estimated 73 million second-hand items are gathering dust in garages, spare rooms, and cupboards[1]. Now, why do we cling to these possessions, and how can we let them go? To understand this, we need to delve into the psychology of clutter[2] and the different types of value we attach to our possessions​​.

Monetary Value

One reason we hold onto items is due to the perceived monetary value. But it's essential to remember that an item's worth is ultimately what someone else is willing to pay for it. If you believe certain items to be valuable, consider getting them appraised and then selling them. If they aren't worth selling, they're probably only worth occupying space in your home if they bring you joy or have sentimental value.

Sentimental Value

This is where it gets tricky. It's important to hold onto memories, but we need to remember that we're not discarding the memory itself when we let go of an object associated with it. If an item no longer serves a purpose but has sentimental value, consider taking a photograph of the item before parting with it. This way, you can preserve the memory without the physical clutter.

"Just In Case" Value

We often retain things because we think we might need them in the future. But ask yourself, have you used this item in the last year? If not, it's probably not necessary to keep it. By letting go of these items, you create room for things you genuinely need and use regularly.


Understanding these different types of value and the emotions attached to our clutter is the first step to decluttering our homes. It's an emotional journey, but with mindful strategies and support, we can navigate this process effectively. Start small, pay attention to your emotions, and practice gratitude for the items you're keeping. Set boundaries for future purchases, and don't hesitate to seek help when needed​​.

At Simplify My Home, we offer decluttering and organisation services to help you through this process. Our expert team is ready to assist you in decluttering your home and providing practical solutions for organising your space. We understand that the journey to a clutter-free home can be overwhelming, and we're here to make it smoother for you​.

There's considerable hidden wealth in our homes that we often overlook. By re-evaluating the value of items in our homes, we can not only free up physical space but also create mental space for the things that truly matter.

If you are ready to uncover the hidden value in your home but unsure how to start, reach out to me, and we can help you embark on your decluttering project. Together, we can transform your space and your life, uncovering lost treasures and perhaps even earning some extra cash along the way​​.

Until our next chat, let's continue working towards homes that reflect our values and support our well-being.

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[1] Every New Zealander has about $1200 worth of unused stuff, Trade Me estimates | Stuff.co.nz

[2] The Psychology of Clutter: Understanding Why We Hold on and How to Let – SIMPLIFY MY HOME

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