How To Organise Your Fridge

What do we want? Organised Fridges! When do we want them? NOW!

How many times have you opened your fridge and almost cried at the sight? Before our CHILL range was created it was a common experience for me. The bag of spinach that I had brought as a silent promise to myself to begin my healthy lifestyle would lie limp and lifeless at the bottom of the fridge. The relish that my aunt Pam spent hours slaving over was growing another level of green. Every week or (three) I would painstakingly remove each expired item. My fridge permanently smelt of disappointment.

So you may ask how exactly does a couple of containers help to eliminate fridge chaos and ensure we use that food before we have to chuck it? The answer is in our biggest value. ‘A place for everything, and everything in its place.’ That means that when you’re unpacking new food, looking for dinner inspiration or putting leftovers back in you know exactly where it is going. It also means that other fridge users know where to put everything as well. It’s a simple but very effective solution that sees you wasting less food and then in turn wasting less money.

Now there are a few different ways you can set up your fridge, and what is important here is making sure that you find the correct way for you. If you use vegetables a lot more than cold meats let that be reflected in the way you organise. Keep those daily things in easy to reach spots.

So with all of that in mind, here are the 4 steps you can follow to set up that functional fridge;

  1. Empty everything - check expiry dates as you pull the products out.
  2. Organise the products into food groups, some of the most common are - Cheese, Spreads, Condiments, Sauces, Meat, Meals, Breads, Dairy, Veges, Fruit, Drinks. We also have labels for all of these in our Fridge Label Pack.
  3. Clean the fridge, make sure not to spray cleaning products directly on fridge surfaces, spray into a cloth and then wipe to avoid discolouring the fridge and leaving excess chemicals on the surfaces.
  4. Put it all back, rehoming while you keep the food groups, labelling. Remember to think about what you and your family use the most, and then homing it accordingly. Some people will use lots of cheese and they may want a big container for it, others may like to use their big containers for vegetables and cold meats. It’s totally up to you and your lifestyle.
Here are some frequently asked questions when it comes to our fridge range;

What fits best in what container? - It is pretty straightforward, and will change based on your specific needs. However we follow this rough guideline;

Large Container - Breads, Meats, Vegetables

Small Container -  Dairy, Condiments, Sauces,

850ML & 1500ML Push Top Container - Any leftovers, cold snacks, perfect for grapes and other cut up vegetables.

What is the best way to clean these containers? - We advise removing the containers and gently washing them in soapy water, or you can spray some cleaner on a cloth and then wipe them down. We don’t advise spraying directly onto the surface. If you have labelled the containers, light hand washing is fine however do not use dishwasher as it will take the labels off. 

How do I keep on top of my fridge so I don’t have to clean it out every week? - This one is as easy as it is hard, it can take a bit of a habit shift. First we would suggest that you keep on top of those vegetable/fruit bins, making sure you are using the oldest product first. And if you see that it is past it’s best, immediately remove it. Also when you are unpacking new products into your fridge make sure you put the one with the closest expiry date at the front where it is easy to grab. Whatever you see is what you will use. I think it is mostly about doing little things everyday (like everything in life) to keep on top of it. Your fridge will thank you for it and so will your wallet.

During this process if you do have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Email us at or DM us @simplifymyhome. Also please share before and after photos. We love seeing those!

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How do you attach the stickers to the built in parts on the fridge doors ie they are cold and moist so I can’t see how I can stick them on.

Steph January 28, 2023

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Absolutely love the jars! Airtight, sleek look and makes my life so much easier being so organised.

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