How to Simplify and Organise Your Home with our SMH 5-Step Method

Simplify My Home has been helping families transform their spaces since its inception. With our 5-step method that has never failed, you too can simplify and organise any space in your home, whether it's a pantry, laundry, wardrobe, cupboard or drawer. Here are the steps to follow:


Pro Tips before you get started:


Before you begin, take some time to plan and measure your space. Consider what jars or storage units work best for you and your family. For pantries, a mix of plastic and glass containers and bamboo shelving works wonders. Consider incorporating different textures for the bedroom or wardrobe when selecting your storage to re-home. Think about how you want to organise items, like cereal for your kids, and plan your list of labels. You can use pre-made pantry labels or make your custom list.


Step 1 - Remove and Clear the Space:

Start by removing all items from your pantry or space systematically. Group like items together to make the subsequent steps easier. If you already have baskets use these to group items together as you remove them from your pantry.


Step 2 - Discard and Clean:

Check for expired or unused items and get rid of them. Remember to thoroughly clean the pantry or space from the top shelf down before you re-home your items. Make sure you take a photo of the expired items so you can replace them in your next shop.


Step 3 - Categorise and Group:

Categorise items according to your family's needs—plan which foods or items are used most often and which ones you need to keep as backstock or put into storage. Group less commonly used items together in baskets or dividers.


Step 4 – Re-home and Label:

Choose the right jars or storage containers for each food item or item and label them accordingly. Use generic labels for versatile jars or storage baskets, and set your jars or storage baskets next to each other to ensure straight and aligned labelling.


Step 5 - Let's Play Tetris!:

Put everything back in your pantry or space in a logical and accessible way. Group like items together and place frequently used items at eye level.


Following these five steps gives you a simplified and organised space that works for you and your family. Happy organising!



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Absolutely love the jars! Airtight, sleek look and makes my life so much easier being so organised.

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