Grande LUXE Glass and Bamboo Pantry Package

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Bring grandeur and simplicity into your home with our Grande Pantry LUXE Glass and Bamboo Package.

This pack includes 20 durable, high-quality glass vessels, sealed with a stylish, airtight bamboo lid for function and freshness. Also, 4 of our versatile Double Winslow Wire Baskets, 4 of Luxe Wooden Scoops and a Standard Pantry Pack of Labels in your choice of font to complete your pantry.

Package includes:

4 x 450ml Vessels

4 x 750ml Vessels

4 x 1300ml Vessels

4 x 2000ml Vessels

4 x 3500ml Vessels

4 x Double Winslow Wire Baskets

4 x Luxe Wooden Scoop

1 x Pantry Pack of Labels - Standard or Apothecary

Please note: Photos shown on this page might not depict the Grande LUXE Glass and Bamboo Pantry Package on offer, and are posted only for visual representation.

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